A Timely, Tasteful Response to Repairs

WaitingIf I had a dollar for every hour I had to wait for my last landlord to respond to a problem, I might be on the Forbes list today. When things don’t work, it’s frustrating. But when you don’t have a way to remedy common apartment-dweller difficulties it’s downright annoying.  And if your landlord can’t deal with minor problems, how are they going to resolve complicated, big-picture issues if they arise?
Maybe I should have just let it go and looked on the bright side. After all, I should be thankful for all the good friends I made met since my appliances and services went sideways. There’s the couple next door who let me use their shower, Mable at the end of the hall is very liberal with her oven – and I don’t know what I’d do without Old Joe upstairs, who generously allows access to his toilet on an unrestricted basis.But later, when I was counting all those blessings, another perspective came to me. It arrived at the same time as my mother and my sister, when they appeared at my place with a suggestion – in retrospect it was more of an intervention – that I face the facts. I simply wasn’t getting value for my rental dollar. As much as I loved the charity of my neighbours, and the odd sandwich or can of beer they might provide while I was waiting to use their facilities, it was time to find more practical accommodations.
Mom directed me to a posting online (luckily Old Joe had WiFi because I was still waiting for the building manager to fix my cable) for a place at the Oaks of Cypress Station. It looked almost too good to be true. Well-built and maintained buildings and facilities, nicely designed units and manicured green grounds awaited. They have a pool, a modern gym and 24 hour security, all at great prices.
Then my mother pointed out the feature that attracted her to the Oaks – she had heard about their “Rapid Response Repair” policy that is supported by online access to management. Too bad my last place didn’t have something like that – but my broadband connection needed my cable to be operative…
No problems like that at the Oaks. Here’s how it works:  If you need to make a formal maintenance request (for non-emergency issues), just use their online system, and they will respond ASAP!
After Mom told me that, I didn’t need any more convincing. The Oaks was everything I wanted and more. And what about that great sandwich my neighbours used to make me while I waited to use their shower?  I’ve had to move on, because the Oaks have a partnership with Dandy’s at the nearby mall. I just show them my parking pass and they give me the best sandwich in the neighborhood at a 10% discount!
Now things couldn’t be better. Check out the Oaks of Cypress Station for yourself at www.oaksofcypress.com or contact 281.893.1111 or oaksofcypress@tvores.com to find out what they can do for you.
Happy in Houston