Residents Rule

ClubsRelocating is a complicated process that can be full of surprises, like when my friends with the truck bailed on me at the last minute, leaving me between a rock and a costly place. Thankfully, the wonderful folks at the Oaks of Cypress Station stepped in with their routine, pre-move courtesy call. And for a second time, they rescued me. They told me about their arrangement with Ameritex movers – a reliable state-wide outfit – where they could move me on short notice at a reduced rate…
Have you ever had your future landlord check in on you prior to your move, just to make sure you were ok?  This was a new concept for me, but consideration and efficiency are par for the course at the Oaks. Check out how they handled my earlier, bigger surprise: Continue reading

A Timely, Tasteful Response to Repairs

WaitingIf I had a dollar for every hour I had to wait for my last landlord to respond to a problem, I might be on the Forbes list today. When things don’t work, it’s frustrating. But when you don’t have a way to remedy common apartment-dweller difficulties it’s downright annoying.  And if your landlord can’t deal with minor problems, how are they going to resolve complicated, big-picture issues if they arise?
Maybe I should have just let it go and looked on the bright side. After all, I should be thankful for all the good friends I made met since my appliances and services went sideways. There’s the couple next door who let me use their shower, Mable at the end of the hall is very liberal with her oven – and I don’t know what I’d do without Old Joe upstairs, who generously allows access to his toilet on an unrestricted basis. Continue reading

Hate Moving? Walk on Sunshine Instead

The best day of my life was my wedding – well, maybe not when I think back – but at the time it was a bright banner day. Like that new love, your first child, getting a promotion or a better job; moving to a new place should be a mighty milestone, an intriguing adventure and an exciting new path on this great journey.
So why am I losing sleep, having chest pains and breaking out in hives at the prospect of having to pack up all my worldly possessions – and my memories – and shuttle them off to points unknown?  I wonder if the financial pressures, logistical hassles and time demands created by moving or the disruption to my structures, routines and emotional cycles have anything to do with it? Hello! Continue reading