The Starfish – Technology and Time Management

Robert Burns’ Starfish is the new term for side-tracked. It’s based on an adventure that starts with the best intentions and ends up heading into a murky maze of seductive dead-end paths:

From Burns’ Best Made Plans, The Starfish is a compelling story that will strike a chord with all of us.The Starfish is a great reminder that our time is one of our most valuable resources and one that we should vigorously protect.

The starfish story is also a good example of how compelling a video presentation can be in communicating messages.Text can be effective, but a picture is worth a thousand words – and a video is even more powerful.

Specialty Writing can help create a theme, develop the script and assist the presenter in projecting their material in the most influential way. Basic audio and video production packages are available at reasonable rates.

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When the right tone comes through your message, doors open and results emerge. For more information on our specialty correspondence services, use our contact form to let us know what you need and we’ll tell you how we can help!

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Intuitive Writing Validated by USA Today

Here is an example of one our custom blogs anticipating trends and areas of audience interest before they occur. In this story leading up to the Ironman Canada event in Whistler, BC, witty, perceptive writing accurately predicted future events:Bear Minimum 2

Truth became stranger than fiction when over 4 weeks later, life imitated art. Here is coverage from Ironman Canada and USA Today Sports that garnered thousands of Facebook likes and shares:

Intutive Writing

Podcasts and the World of Audio

Audio adds another dimension to any site. Hear what the author has to say:

Sound Influence

New Podcasts Make Waves

In addition to our expertise in voice-overs, we create memorable podcasts. Meet the author, August 3rd on the Open Network Show.