Hate Moving? Walk on Sunshine Instead

The best day of my life was my wedding – well, maybe not when I think back – but at the time it was a bright banner day. Like that new love, your first child, getting a promotion or a better job; moving to a new place should be a mighty milestone, an intriguing adventure and an exciting new path on this great journey.
So why am I losing sleep, having chest pains and breaking out in hives at the prospect of having to pack up all my worldly possessions – and my memories – and shuttle them off to points unknown?  I wonder if the financial pressures, logistical hassles and time demands created by moving or the disruption to my structures, routines and emotional cycles have anything to do with it? Hello!
Whilst swirling down this whirlpool of worries, a life preserver suddenly arrived. I stumbled across an advertisement for the Oaks of Cypress Station (just west of I-45) that offered the possibility of salvation from the relocation uncertainty I was drowning in.
After checking it out, I was able to determine that it was in a good community with easy access to services, run by friendly and efficient managers and occupied by nice neighbors. And when I added in the move-in allowance, modern fitness facility, pool and 24-hour security, the turbulent waters released me and I was walking on sunshine.
But wait! The property managers at the Oaks have set up an arrangement with Ameritex movers to help me with the wrist-twisting, back-breaking, headache of packing and loading my stuff. And they have a roster of reliable cleaners who will do what I have been dreading since I moved in – clean my oven! Now I don’t have to put my head in it. Instead, I can leave my place in better condition than when I moved in and allocate a small portion of my security deposit – which I probably wasn’t going to get back – to the cleaning job I never wanted to do. Sweet!
The Saints of Cypress Station saved me, and perhaps they can help you, too. You can check them out at www.oaksofcypress.com or contact 281.893.1111 or oaksofcypress@tvores.
Happy in Houston