Residents Rule

ClubsRelocating is a complicated process that can be full of surprises, like when my friends with the truck bailed on me at the last minute, leaving me between a rock and a costly place. Thankfully, the wonderful folks at the Oaks of Cypress Station stepped in with their routine, pre-move courtesy call. And for a second time, they rescued me. They told me about their arrangement with Ameritex movers – a reliable state-wide outfit – where they could move me on short notice at a reduced rate…
Have you ever had your future landlord check in on you prior to your move, just to make sure you were ok?  This was a new concept for me, but consideration and efficiency are par for the course at the Oaks. Check out how they handled my earlier, bigger surprise:
The Oaks of Cypress Station wasn’t my original choice for a location – I was just lucky to end up there. I had actually committed to the Oaks property managers to take occupancy of a different unit in another complex. But 2 weeks prior to moving, during a tour of the grounds, I spotted a familiar set of golf clubs on my soon-to-be-new-neighbor’s balcony. As I gained a closer view, I realized that it was my old set – the ones my ex-girlfriend abducted when we broke up!
The disaster fully dawned when I discovered that she and her new boyfriend were living next door to my new home. After a few hours of visions of my ex and her boy-toy frolicking around the pool, I contacted the property managers and told them my tale of woe, begged for mercy, and waited.
In less than an hour, they got back to me with an alternative residence option – which was even nicer than the original one; with pool, gym, business center and nicely kept grounds complete with lush lawns and mature trees.
It’s hard to imagine being in a more awkward situation but it’s equally hard to believe the empathetic, responsive and helpful action on behalf of the managers of the Oaks of Cypress Station. They did everything but get my golf clubs back and pay for my therapy.
Now I believe that good things can happen, and you can too. They still have some 1 and 2 bedroom units available, so give them a call at 281.893.1111 or contact to find out what they can do for you. With good rates, secure, well-maintained units and a “Residents Rule” policy the Oaks are a whole in one!
Happy in Houston